Saturday, November 19

i heart rainy Saturdays

so, i have been neglecting my blog, especially since I got my Ipad, on my 25th birthday....!

today, Kevin has brought the Ipad with him, and I hate to admit, I have had a more productive day.., the sheets have been changed, the laundry is hanging dry, i have cleaned the bathroom counters, and the bedroom counter too, the floors are vacuumed and a vanilla candle is merrily burning away on the table top.

although the weather seems to differ, I am actually feeling very content on this gloomy Saturday afternoon. there is time for me to reminisce today, and despite the lack of sleep from the previous night, and a rather distressing Friday night, I feel liberated by the realisation that my happiness is solely mine, and mine to determine. and, so i consciously choose to surround myself with things that make me happy. may it be my good memories of my European trip, my music or my passions. xoxox

Sunday, October 30

Sunday, June 5

last nite, i managed to attend a dear old school friend's solemnization ceremony at her home. It was a rather private gathering, with a handful of close friends and mostly family members attending. needless to say, I felt very honoured to be present at such an important occasion, for my friend, Syaima and her husband.
it's been close to 9 years since we last saw each other, minus the wonders of Facebook, and I loved that she still had the same warmth while she greeted me, as if we just left school last Friday, and we met up during the weekend;)
and, standing there witnessing such an almost private rite of passage for this dear school friend of mine, I felt a slight dampening at the corner of my eye. Okay okay, so I tend to get very emotional a whole bunch, I will admit. but this was just a beautiful evening to remember in her life, and one she shared with the few of us. it brings me great joy to see her find happiness in the most simplest, yet difficult of ways. Err..sorry, I know, that was a contradiction, but really, if you understand what it is to be in love, you will understand completely;)

So, anyway, it was a very special Saturday evening, all in I almost missed, but darn happy that I didn't...!

then, this morning, I woke up to a regular Sunday (as regular as the past two months' worth of Sundays have been) and I overheard some music playing in a distance. the song was not familliar, but I recognised the notions. there was a funeral procession taking place a street away. & it makes me think? of the notions of life. of love. of birth. of death. and all the natural courses in life.

Always appreciate the simplest notions of life. the birth of a new life, the respect for the departed, love and never be afraid of it, because we only get one go:)


Thursday, June 2

A few recent purchases that have managed to spruce up my month of May:)

First up, I hit up MAC's Quite Cute collection and although, the mineralized blushes and the peachy nude lipstick caught my eye too, I managed to limit myself to strictly the absolute will-regret-once-these-limited-edition-pieces-run-out's ;)

firstly, a very creamy light minty green nail varnish, very aptly titled Mischevious Mint~

and just another one for posterity . . .

I also picked up the 'In Synch' lip liner which is a beautiful matte peachy pink colour. I imagine it to be quite a pale yellow pink colour on the lips. Just the kind of milky pink lips I typically would go for.

Finally, the piece de resistance, was one of the beautiful Chanel bronzers from their current Summer Collection 2011, Fleurs d’Ete. I'd wanted this, since I first set eyes on it, on several different beauty blogs...!

Soleil Tan de Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzers– Bronze Corail (#537)

I've been really into bronzers of late, and what a pretty one this is=)

<3 <3 <3 what have you been loving recently?

Monday, May 9


as i was perusing beauty blogs today, i came across a picture of Vivianna's that totally made me wish my hair was long and luscious as hers...

*le sigh* this was not the picture, but this was one of her posts about haircare. I am in deep love with this kind of hair...

unfortunately, even when my hair grows out, it tends to look more on the coarser end of thick, with volume in all the wrong places:( so I will be on the scout for shine serums that don't contribute to the greasiness of the scalp, and something that gives more volume around the crown...

and, as I wait for my hair to grow back out, I shall leave you with a few of my favourite hair-sprational pictures;)

I simply can't wait to try this

and this, on my hair!! =)

Friday, May 6


its Friday night, and i just painted my nails a hot coral colour last nite...and what's a 24 year old girl living in KL to do...?

i don't know about you, but of course, i am hiding at home, as per usual...

so what else is there to do, but peruse Facebook and have my share of semi-stalking behaviour, and I come across some pages & pictures of my ex-colleagues. I am instantly hit with a pang of nostalgia, which slowly churns my insides and the bile, I realise, I have lost it all...
My seemingly endless year of job-searching, enduring frightening dips of self-esteem, and hapless meandering through the streets that I virtuallymemorised...they have all amounted to this point in my life, where I am stuck in a limbo of W A I T I N G, once again.

It feels like I just don't belong. Neither here nor there. It seems, I have missed my boat in Malaysia now I am no longer a freshie graduate. And, it seems my heart starts to break, everytime I think back to my life in Melbourne a couple of months ago...My bile starts to rise, and I choke back the wave of bitterness and disappointment that threatens to overwhelm me.
Maybe, I am going about this the wrong way...perhaps I shouldn't look back, and just let bygones be bygones.

In the words that John Lennon once sang; Let it be, Let it be...

Saturday, January 8

so....I've neglected this space for far too long, it seems almost pointless for me to return. Aahh..screw that;)

Alot has happened, I don't remember when my last post was, but it feels like it was b4 I got my first "real" job=) it's one year going now, but ending soon, as I will be returning to Malaysia! And, on forth...a new chapter awaits to be written...,

I haven't had much time for the nostalgia to set in....but, I'm sure it will...which is why, I am trying to move fast, keep busy, with no time to look back, because that is always where I make my biggest mistake, one that I do so often, and most times pretty consciously, but...I am only human.

As I type, I feel the sadness start to creep in, and I blame my itchy fingers and my roving eyes....Am I mad? Can I be mad? I don't think it's worth it...

anyway, hope you have a great weekend...looking forward to 2011 :)

pS- happy new year, everyone!